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Young man in love created Panetone

Panetone is a sweet bread of Italian origin that was created between the years 1300 and 1400 by a young Italian man in love with a baker’s daughter. The girl’s father, however, was against the relationship. In spite of this obstacle, the young man did not give up and decided to disguise himself as a baker’s assistant to work in his loved one’s father’s bakery and in this way stay close to her. And it was there that he created a delicious sweet bread.
Word of the bread spread around the city and the bakery started to get more and more clients. Despite being created by the young man, everyone thought the bread was Toni’s work, the owner of the bakery. The bread then became known as Pane Di Toni  – and in time became “panetone”.   As for the young man, he finally got permission to marry the baker’s daughter.

Maganews Melhores Momentos – Texto extraído da edição de número 14 da revista Maganews
Picture- Calberto


1 bread – pão

2 against – contra

3 to give up – desistir

4 to disguise – disfarçar

5 word of the bread – (sentido figurado) - a fama do pão

6 to spread – espalhar

7 owner – dono