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The Achievement [1] of Happiness

What does it take [2] to be happy? Can money buy happiness? What does research say about this topic? Maganews brings the following three pages on this subject and also a story about a poor but happy country: Bhutan


The theme of happiness has been studied by psychologists, philosophers and religious leaders, and has inspired poets, filmmakers and composers. There are dozens of books and countless [3] studies on this subject. Maganews examined several of these studies that have been on TV, in newspapers and on the internet. Some say money is the key, others say no. Moreover, the vast majority of these studies have reached the same conclusion about certain aspects of happiness. A spiritual life and a good marriage are essential to being happy, and maintaining good relationships with family, friends, and significant others. A recent study by Princeton University went further by concluding that having children also increases our level of happiness. The same survey included among the "pro-happiness" items a college degree [4] and health insurance [5].


The importance of faith [6]

According to the Princeton University study, having a spiritual life is the most important factor in the pursuit [7] of happiness. Going to church helps people to make new friends and deal better with day-to-day problems. Father Fábio de Melo believes that everyone can be happy, even when facing difficult problems. He also said, in a program aired on TV Canção Nova, that happiness also depends on the choices [8] we make in our day-to-day lives. When we choose to do good and healthy things for ourselves and for others, happiness increases. Father Melo also noted that it is important for people not to stop dreaming, and to always strive [9] to complete a project.


Trecho da matéria publicada na edição de número 58 da Revista Maganews, que também traz o ranking das nações mais felizes do mundo e outros estudos sobre o tema felicidade.

Áudio – Aasita Muralikrishna

Imagem – Jay Lopez



1 achievement – conquista

2 what does it take to – o que é necessário para

3 countless – aqui =  inúmeros

4 college degree – diploma universitário

5 health insurance – plano de saúde

6 faith – fé

7 in the pursuit of – em busca de

8 choice – escolha

9 to strive – tentar / esforçar-se