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The downside [1] of social networks

It is important to apply [2] common sense and intelligence when using social networks.  Bad choices on a social network can cause problems such as job loss [3] or the end of a relationship

   In March, two stories involving Facebook were highlighted [4] in the press. In Londrina, Paraná state, a student used the social network to offend a teacher. The case had a negative impact across the city and was reported on the TV news show, Jornal Hoje (Globo). At the end of the month in São José dos Campos, São Paulo state, the local police tracked [5] down members of a criminal gang thanks to Facebook. In the USA, a thief [6] published photos of his robbery on Facebook, showing the amount of money he had stolen [7], and was arrested [8] by the FBI in September 2011. There are many cases of people losing their jobs or ending relationships because they used Facebook irresponsibly. In 2011 a Chicago airport employee was fired [9] after offending Muslims [10] on his Facebook page. In the USA and the UK, Facebook has been increasingly cited as one of the major causes of couples’ separations.


These are just some cases that show that anyone, even a thief, is exposed (and at risk) when using a social network inappropriately.  You must know how to apply common sense and intelligence when using social networks (Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, etc.).  One basic tip to avoid problems with Facebook is to think hard before posting a message or photo. Users must not post racist or prejudiced [11] messages, they must not criticize work or schoolmates, and must not swear [12]. Another important tip is not to show personal information, such as phone numbers and your address [13], on your page.

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1 downside – aqui = lado perigoso

2 to apply – adotar
3 job loss – perda do emprego

4 highlighted – ganhou destaque

5 to track down – localizar

6 thief – ladrão (robbery = roubo)

7 to steal – roubar
8 to arrest – prender

9 to be fired – ser despedido
10 Muslim – muçulmano

11 prejudiced message – mensagem preconceituosa

12 to swear – falar palavrão / xingar

13 address - endereço


 Photo - Ohmega 1982 / Shutterstock